SPARTA - Executive Gaming Chair | Footrest, Reclining, Leather
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SPARTA - Executive Gaming Chair | Footrest, Reclining, Leather

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This is a multi functional gaming chair where you can sit or lie down for a comfortable gaming experience.

Material: PVC leather

Internal material: high elastic foam sponge

Weight: 16.2 kg

color:  Black Chair with Red Legs, Black Chair with Black Legs, Red Chair with Red Legs 

🔸We are professional gaming chair specialist - Fastest shipping with secured courier protecting your parcel - Customer satisfaction is our motivation

🔸Built for Simple Indulgence With wider and taller body and seat, sakula is able to cater to most users, providing equal amount of comfort and pleasure sitting on this masterpiece. The surface is coated with all new Carbon Fibre PU leather. It is made for you to pamper not just yourself but anyone sitting on this throne.

🔸135 Degree Tilt-in-Space it is capable of tilt to a maximum of 135 degree backwards. It is as if you are tilting in space, and allowing your body to experience the feeling of lower gravity. As a result of this feature, you’ll get rid of the aches sitting in a normal non-adjustable chair.

🔸The Art of Perfect Craftsmanship Advanced craftsmanship ability has allowed us to create a seamless cover for our chair body. Traditionally, foam is applied to a chair frame before skin is applied onto the foam. The process is much simpler, however, creating potential uneven surface and creases with skills

🔸Impeccable Upholstery It is covered with the most distinctive Carbon Fibre PU Leather that looks and feels incredibly good. Coupled with the fabrication of cutting edge breathable Italian Elastic Cloth to ensure faster heat dissipation, making sure your seat will always stay cool so that you can perform at your best whether it’s gaming or working.

🔸Butterfly Mechanism A butterfly mechanism offers much more stability than a normal mechanism. The round tension knob can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to tighten or loosen rocking tensions to allow tilt-in-space function

🔸Heavy Duty Nylon Base Our base is constructed to provide maximum stability and durability. Nylon base makes the Duo V3 lighter in overall weight at the same time able to withstand roughly 10 times the chair weight itself.

🔸Heavy Duty PU Castor The PU castors are 6cm in diameter and are able to rotate 360 degree along the movement axis. The rubber material allows the castors to move on most surface without causing damage to the castors or the surface itself.

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